E-Book: Russian Verbal Aspect in Contrast + Accompanied Audio

It’s a grammar tutorial book about the Russian verbal aspect, one of the most difficult grammar concepts for learners of Russian.

You may ask why this reference book is different from other materials about the same grammar concept? 

First of all, the e-book, based on the 5 videos I created, contains slides with colorful pictures, tables, graphics and examples to show the contrasts between imperfective and perfective verbs. There are no boring long texts in the book.

Second, I am using only 12 verbs in the examples. It means that you can learn those 12 most common Russian verbs in context effortlessly and deeply, without even thinking about grammar rules.

Third, the vocabulary I am using in the book is simple, so if you are a beginner in learning Russian, you can understand the concept easily. All sentences are also translated into English if you need vocabulary clarification. 

Fourth, the book has a few exercises to check your understanding of each contrast.

Finally, if you feel like you need an audio to accompany the book, there is one available as well.