This validated free sample data lists is in excel format. 
This .csv file contains 3 sample data lists for 3 different data plans.

1. Resume data list includes 34 data fields
2.Phone number data list includes 25 data fields
3. Email id data list includes 18 data fields

You dont need any credit card to download this FREE sample data list just your email id.

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Now you get a 360 degree perspective of your prospects. Whether you are looking to hire, promote your business or Events each of the above data lists will provide you with customer/prospect data profile so with a few clicks you will know which propsects meet your requirement saving you time and money, freeing up your valuable resources for other activities.

Want to know the person behind the email id? 
Want to know seniority of your prospect?
Want to know domain expertise and location of your prospect?
Want to connect on Linkedin with your prospect?
Want to know the Company profile of your prospect?
Want to size up the deal potential of your target compny?
Want to know what products to upsell or cross sell?
Who should pitch the sale?

We guarantee 90% accuracy of our data lists and offer a bounce back guarantee with free replacements for any bounced contacts.

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