PHOTOGRAPHY PACK 001: 35 X New York City Panorama photos from above : Day and Night time

DESCRIPTION: 35 New York City Panorama photos from above. Panoramic photography of New York City skyline with its beautiful urban skyscrapers, central park, west and east coast, and street views from above at morning hour, sunset and night time. New York City cityscape captured from various angles and views in horizontal and vertical frame format.
The photos are provided in two versions:
Version 1: original in flat color profile, to get the best results when color grading, allowing you to manipulate the color and sharpness yourself.
Version 2: color graded and enhanced with an overall toning.

CATEGORY:  Travel Photography
IMAGE SIZE: 12.2 Megapixels (4288X2848 pixels)
IMAGE FORMAT: jpg, 300 dpi
COST: 9.99 $ ( as low as 0.28$ per image! )

THANK YOU for downloading and for your support!
Creative Original Production by 3D COR

Photography by Savvas Karampalasis
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