IMAGE PACK 0006: 12 X Christmas trees and decorations renderings with transparency + BONUS Videos!

DESCRIPTION: 12 high-resolution renderings of Christmas trees with presents, gold bars and coins and Christmas decorations with ribbons, pine leaves, cones, stockings, and Christmas balls. 3D photorealistic renderings with transparency so you can place them easily on any background you like.
Also included Bonus FREE HD videos of Christmas Video backgrounds created using the above images. The Bonus FREE HD videos are a great example to see how the images can be used creatively. Thank you!
CATEGORY: 3D rendering, Raster Image, Backdrop, Wallpaper, Background.
IMAGE SIZE: 24 Megapixels (6000X4000 pixels)
IMAGE FORMAT: png with transparency, 300 dpi,

THANK YOU for downloading and for your support!
Creative Original Production by 3D COR
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