Crimson Bird 1-3 Bundle (Pdf)

Three things you should know of this dark world of nobles...
One: A Vampires word is law
Two: Their food, the third sex are known as Damphirs
Three: Love is for those who can afford to buy it.

And Bird wishes to be free of all three.
Bird, a Damphir bought once she completed training, lives her life with the Wellings Noble family never completely accepted, and never fully rejected. Living a half existence, thinking that every Damphir is living the same existence as she. She endures, and takes each day one by one.

A game of cards at a midnight ball changes everything...
Finding herself the prize at a card game, Bird is dragged into a world far more decadent world then she ever thought possible. Desired for her looks, she will be offered a chance of freedom, for a small price...she must seduce the First Prince and dash his heart against the cold stones of the palace.

A game of Hearts...
First Prince, Talon Ellison does not desire the crown, but he going to do his duty of securing the throne from his conniving brothers. Yet, a Damphir gifted to him by his devious brother, causes him to begin doubting his desire to fulfill his duty, and live up to the expectations of his father. Talon is determined to torture Bird, to make her break, but with each taste, with each touch, Talon finds himself losing this dangerous game.



Death is something I yearn for more than anything in this world.

They were tearing the flesh from her back. Each lash of the whip breaking the skin, revealing the pink muscle beneath. She shivered against the feel of the wind that came from the opened window in the living room.

Her masters were hungry and enjoyed a more unique form of feeding. The blood from her hanging body slipped down around her legs and dripped into a large silver punch bowl. She had long grown accustomed to this form of feeding. Her body trembled as her arms strained from where they were raised high above her head by beautifully designed cufflinks.

The two behind her made smacking noises as they grew frantic in their need for each other, as the aroma from her spilled blood heightened their beast-like hunger.

"Pet, it's been so long." Her mistress moaned into her master's mouth, "I…I cannot hold back… Ah…!"

Her master muttered a quick epithet before she could hear the sounds of lovemaking.

She, herself, simply watched the leaves of the trees outside play in the bright light. She had long ago grown used to the pain of the lashes just as she'd also grown accustomed to their cruel treatment of her.

She was a damphir, a lower servant to vampires used for feeding on, a brood mare and a servant. Her people had been so for centuries to the noble and royal vampire houses.

Purchased when she was young, she was snatched from her mother's arms for a few pieces of gold. Not that her mother would have been able to hold on to her. She was property, plain and simple.

The cufflinks snapped apart, and she fell, hitting the ground hard, her body limp and drained. The wounds on her back slowly hissed as they closed, her body healing itself of the abuse as it always did, so that she might suffer the same another day.

"Get up," her mistress snarled, sounding breathless. "Clean up this mess and take the punch bowl to the cook. We've guests this night."

"Love," her master spoke softly and cajolingly. "She will do as she’s always done. Our little bird is trained well."

The mistress suddenly became quiet. Bird could see it with her mind’s eye. Her master's lips pressed together as they continued caressing in the frenzy of the bloodlust they had left. Soon, the door to the room opened, and they left, closing it behind them.

She was finally alone.

Slowly, she pushed herself up and stared at the punch bowl filled with her own blood. It was funny a damphir was considered the third sex to the vampires. They were fed on and were given the “blessing” to bare the children of vampire, if and only if, the mate was unwilling to. Still, a damphir would never be seen as equal to that of a mate. Damphirs were not the ones to be loved and cherished.

It was a cursed existence really, Bird thought to herself as she got up. Living in that world couldn’t be much worse than living in this one. pposed realm. A place of fairytales and dreams. Fully straightening, she walked towards the large bowl and picked it up, careful not to slosh it. She set it on the coffee table that had been pushed against the wall to make hanging space for her body.

Finished with that task, she walked over to the wall where one board was discolored from the others. Laying the flat of her palm against it, she pressed, and with a silent pop, it broke away from the wall and slipped to the side, giving view to cleaning supplies hidden behind it.

Without much fuss, Bird got to work, cleaning and organizing the main room. This was the moment she enjoyed most. The simple sound of the nature that laid beyond the open window and the systematic, empty-minded cleaning that did not come with pain or noise.

Did she hate her masters? No, how could she hate people who were to lord their rank over others?

She knew to them, she would never be more important than a mop that cleans, or shiney bauble they wore around their neck.

In the book her mother had read to her when she was very, very young, there had been stories where damphir were written to have been cherished, loved and protected by vampires. Of course, those tales were probably invented to make it easier to send one’s child to the new owners. Bird had grown in her belief of that fact the longer she’d stayed with the Wellings.

In all her nineteen moons, she had yet to be treated in such a way. Between the two she’d been gifted to at the age of five moons she’d never experienced a kind touch.

She knew herself to be lucky as the master nor the mistress had ever once approached her for sexual intercourse. The two merely used her as a source for food, tearing and ripping her, but those were things she could easily heal from.

Pausing in thought, she released a sharp cough when dust fell from the bookshelf she was wiping down. Twisting away from it, she rubbed at her watery eyes and found herself staring at the tops of a pair of well-polished boots.

Following those boots up to long legs and up a well-proportioned torso, she found her gaze meeting the reddest eyes she’d ever seen. Instinct took over and she fell to her knees, pressing her forehead to the ground. She tried to search her memory for the mentioning of a royal vampire coming to the grounds.

"I-I beg your pardon, sire. I-I will leave your presence now," she hurriedly said. One such as she could not be around the royal line. They had the abhorring habit of drinking damphirs dry without thought.

"Ah." The male seemed just as shocked at seeing Bird, as she was at seeing him. "I must be lost… Do you have any idea where the west wing is?"

Bird lifted her head, while rising to her feet. "I will lead you there, sire. It would be easier than to explain." Talking to a sire for too long would gain her unwanted attention. It would be better if she led him directly to his room, returning only to retrieve her blood.

"Oh, well…that would be greatly appreciated."

She glanced up at him, and there was definitely something off in the male's behavior. He turned his gaze towards Bird, who immediately dropped her gaze. She bit her lip. He was handsome with golden skin, an uncommon trait among the royal vampires. It caused his red eyes to seem even brighter.

Nodding her head, she walked towards him, passing him into the hallway. She paused. He seemed to understand her silent meaning, as he quickly walked towards her. "Ah, alright. Lead the way," he spoke, his voice sounding both cheerful and amused.

The sound of their walking feet were the only things that filled the large hallway of the manor. The manor was large, for the Wellings family, who owned her, were of a wealthy and noble class. The manor boasted five wings, and acres upon acres of land surrounded it. Despite her living situation, Bird had come to love this place for its beauty alone.

"So…, where did the scars come from?"

The question was asked mildly, as if the words themselves held only mild interest. Bird found herself quite taken aback. Stopping short mid-walk, she lifted her gaze towards the male’s bland expression. Forgetting her training for a moment, she stared blankly, as if it were obvious…or more so that it should be obvious. She had forgotten that the thin dark brown gown was ripped open in the back. She usually delivered the blood and then changed into another gown.

"Blood-letting…" Bird lowered her gaze, following the lines of tile with her eyes. "It is done three times a week, so Lord and Lady Wellings will not be driven to attack another's property."

A silence descended once more, as Bird continued in her mission of guiding him towards his chambers. He followed closely behind, observing her silently, not asking another question.

Arriving at the chamber door, Bird felt satisfaction that she’d guessed appropriately that he’d been given the checkered room. The room was meant for those of a more illustrious status. Giving a short curtsy, she turned in an effort to return to her duties.


She stopped, turning halfway and frowned, wondering what she could have forgotten.

The royal vampire appeared hesitant in speaking, before he said aloud, "Ar-are you their damphir?" he asked, his expression showing disbelief. Bird believed her status should have been obvious as she wore no shoes or expensive gown. At her own thought, she realized swiftly that he may be confused, as most damphirs were marked once their master accepted them into the fold, and she was not.

It was a point of shame if a damphir was not accepted in their master’s fold. Still, Mistress refused to allow her to be marked, which wasn’t surprising as she refused to allow Bird into their bed as well.

Lowering her head, Bird assured him she was the Wellings’ damphir. "I am, sire."

He blinked and looked her form over in shock, and muttered, "Good, God!"

She wondered why he was shocked at her title, her very existence. Suddenly, she felt annoyed. Gritting her teeth so that her frustration would not show, in a low, quiet voice, she asked, barely keeping her temper reigned, "Have I displeased you?"

He shook his head in mute silence, as he stared at her in something akin to surprised wonder.

Bowing slightly, she excused herself, "Then…" Turning on her heel, she headed back towards the living room where she retrieved the punch bowl filled with her own blood to be mixed with the ingredients for dinner tonight.

After all, the Red Moon Ball was tonight.

As the day drew to a close, and the spring night air filled with the sounds of lightning bugs and cricket sounds, Bird found herself standing near the tall balcony door, far from those who were laughing and making merry as the party had just begun to pick up.

The servants walked here and there, presenting appetizers and wine to the high-class guests, their jaunty masks firmly in place, as the theme for this ball was 'Le Masquerade'. Bird had been given one of the mistress’ old gowns that were made of thick velvet material and was lined with silver and white thread. Pearls lined the bottom and neckline. A silver cord was tied around her hips, and as usual, she was barefoot, as it was against the customs to give an unmarked damphir shoes. She had long ago learned to ignore the cold of the floor that pressed against the flat of her bare feet.

She wore a mask in the shape of a grinning witch and her hair had been coiled, raised high and then pinned to her head. The heavy mass finally in some semblance of control.

The Wellings family would not wish for outsiders to know that they couldn't afford their damphir new clothes.

"Birdy." Hearing her name called, she turned to see another damphir walking towards her, or more so waddling. Her lips curved into a welcoming smile, as her good friend came to her side.

"Stacia, they've finally allowed you out amongst the living," she teased, a wicked mischief in her eyes.

Stacia shot a glare in her direction, as she reached out, taking the entire tray from one of the passing servants. "Don't laugh. It took me and my two sisters three hours to convince them to let me come."

Stacia was the current damphir to two male vampires, who were also rumored to be lovers prior to the reveal of Stacia to the public. Stacia had been bought by Lucien's father when she was a child. He was known ostensibly by many as the light sword for his nearly white hair, and glacial manner.

Stacia, unlike Bird, was loved and cared for. She was also marked and wearing shoes. Her tall, thin frame and short curly brownish hair made her light brown skin and freckles stand out. In truth, her appearance reflected her personality, which was as fierce as a dragon.

"Well, nonetheless, I am glad you came," Bird said as she reached out to take the hand that wasn’t occupied with sweeping up sweats. "It…it has been a hard day."

Bird lowered her gaze, avoiding the probing eyes of her close friend. Only Stacia knew of Bird’s inner pain and helplessness. Stacia was the only one who wouldn't weigh her down with a pitying gaze, while simultaneously comforting Bird with her calm and steady love.

Stacia tightened her hold of Bird’s hand and grimaced. "It isn't right how they treat you," she groused and turned her head sharply, her eyes narrowed on Bird’s laughing appearance. "I am eager to see them dead, so that you may be released."

Bird released a humorous scoff, shaking her head in amusement. "Only to later be sold to one even crueler." She shook her head, releasing Stacia’s hand to smooth the wrinkles in her gown that weren’t there. "I am content knowing what is to come, and I, unlike you, are not a beauty that captures a vampire’s attention…or at least one who is kind and attentive."


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