Sire's Broken Crystal 2 REMIX (Epub)

Disconnected, Crystal last heard her love's voice in the distance, and Yawha was yanked from the foyer of his father's home. The accuser is set to stand trial, yet everyone wonders where Yawha is. Truths are unmasked. Some who she thought would be in her corner, mainly her own sister, Sasha, gives her coldness. It seems as though it's royalty over loyalty. Upset, Crystal is confused as to why there are so many people trying to protect her but there's not enough talk about Yawha, where he is or if he's even still alive. Among chasing the love of her life, Crystal is destined to stand trial against her supposed father-in-law, but not before all of the Kingsmen show their faces to show the pureblood human their support against rumors, harassment, and violet threats.