Sophia Cooper-Smith is a 35-year-old single mother who finally feels like her life is on track. After a series of bad relationships and floundering in life, things are turning around. Content to do it alone, men and dating are not a priority. Raising her vivacious daughter and realizing the dream of becoming a surrogate is her main focus. Not thinking that a man would be interested in a pregnant, single mother, she is surprised to see the unmistakable heat in the eyes of Kristos Kostas.

A Greek billionaire running the family business, Kristos' sincere and dedicated, going after what he wants. His immediate attraction to the curvaceous, dipped in chocolate woman is instantaneous. Navigating pregnancy of a surrogate is tricky. The more he falls for Sohpia, the more he falls in love with the changes of her body. Feeling the life growing with her, the more Kristos realizes what he was lacking in his own life.

Can their love survive as they navigate pregnancy as a surrogate, parenthood, and all the other twists life throws their way.


Chapter 1

Wine, sushi, brownies and pillows were scattered on the floor of Sophia’s house in Colorado.  She couldn’t believe how much time had passed since “The Tripod” was all in the same country, let alone the same room. Shaking her head as she reminisced about the last eight years of her life in the UK, Sophia threw the empty bottles away and put the remaining sushi in the fridge.  She looked around her home in Colorado Springs and couldn’t believe how far she’d come.  The fact that she had a home was a wonder in and of itself.  Being a nomad for so long she wanted to be ready for the next adventure whenever it came.  Now 34 and a mother, her daughter, Ziyana-Rose, was 7 and the light of her life.  A wonderful blessing from heaven and the joy out the disastrous relationship while overseas.  She was tall for her age, making many assume she was older.  All legs, most of her time was spent in dance and gymnastics.  The girl had talent but knew that school was important.  She was dedicated to her studies and made straight A’s each semester. 

Sophia looked out the window as she thought about the forked road that came out of nowhere.  Looking in the mirror, she didn’t see any difference in the woman she used to be.  The only way she knew time passed was the date on the calendar and the birthday each year for her daughter.  Reminiscing didn’t happen very often because there was always something to do.  These rare moments of silence only happened first thing in the morning or when Ziyana-Rose stayed with her honorary grandma Claire.  They formed an amazing bond from the first and when they were together, they were inseparable.  

Sophia, Thalia and Keren had gotten together the night before to commemorate the next exciting chapter of Sophia’s life.  In the next month or so, she was set to begin the next step in surrogacy process.  Immense joy and excitement radiated from her at the prospect.  A dream of hers for countless years, it was finally coming to fruition.  The intended parents were amazing, and Sophia was so thankful to be matched with them.  The initial process of medical and psychological evaluation, along with the intending parent and surrogate matching went so smoothly that both parties were in awe and a little anxious.  

Sophia looked at herself in the mirror.  At 34 years old she still looked quite young.  A lot of people thought she was in her mid-20’s.  She was still very active and needed to be to maintain her weight.  She wasn’t a large girl, but curvy and toned; carrying her size 12 on her 5’9 frame very well.  She had deep brown eyes, golden honey colored skin and a face adorned with freckles. She had a small piercing in her nose that looked like a freckle depending on how the light hit it. Full lips that loved to smile and show off with teeth that took years of correction was what she considered her best quality.  Otherwise, she thought she was pretty average.

  She turned to the side, picturing a pregnant belly.  It had been a little over six years since she carried a child and the abundance of joy that she could finally be a surrogate was overwhelming.  Sophia loved being pregnant and hoped this time around would be like the last.  She heard so many horror stories about invitro, but didn’t let them stop her from her mission.  This pregnancy would not just be different because it was a surrogacy, the parents wanted twins.  She smiled at that.  Her daughter was all legs in the womb.  While Ziyana-Rose remained like that to this day, she caused many people to assume that twins were in her stomach due to its size.  Sophia’s style was often simple and comfortable, consisting of long skirts and a lot of colorful maxi dresses.  Making them more sophisticated with her jackets and amazing shoe collection, she was always on point when she went to work.  Hopefully, it would be no different during this pregnancy. 

The medication to be a surrogate was extensive and time sensitive.  Sophia learned quick what she needed to do to avoid nausea.  She laughed as she gave herself a shot.  Considering the fact she couldn’t watch her blood being drawn, how she was able to give herself a shot with a two-inch needle each morning was nothing short of focus and determination.  Preparing to have the last ultrasound and labs to see if she was ready for the embryo transfer, Sophia said continuous prayers as she got ready that morning.  Wearing one of her favorite maxi dresses, she couldn’t help but smile in delight and optimistic energy. She knew she was ready for this next stage.

The drive to the clinic was uneventful as the early morning traffic was typical.  Listening to the radio and singing along to whatever song played, Sophia had a sense that not only would the transfer take, but more was going to come from this particular journey.  As she pulled into the parking spot, she didn’t notice the man in the car next her staring.  She hopped out and went across the parking lot in her own little world.  She didn’t see him jump out his car to try and catch her, but he did notice the office she was visiting.



Chapter 2


The transfer was successful the second time.  After the first attempt, Sophia sat down with the doctor and the intended parents, Lynne and Daniel to see what could help the next attempt be a successful one.  Lynne had read up on acupuncture before the transfer itself.  All parties agreed to give it a try.  The also discussed perfumes, air fresheners, and other aromatics that Sophia used. Deciding that a holistic approach was the best course of action, Sophia took the plunge, changing her perfume and using fresh flowers to scent her home. She was now 16 weeks along, but carrying twins had her showing a bit earlier than expected.  The parents were over the moon when they got the baby bump picture.  It was so easy to be a surrogate for them and they doted on Ziyana-Rose.  There wasn’t much distance as this match united two families in the same state.  Sophia had agreed to international matches in her surrogacy profile, but that was not the match that took.  There was about a 4-hour drive from one home to the other, but they made sure to talk on the phone, text and even Skype so that, Lynne and Daniel, could talk to the babies.  They were committed to the development of their friendship and the children, keeping a consistent schedule to do so.  


“Hi Sweetie! How was your day?” Sophia asked as she picked Ziyana-Rose up from the after- school program.

“It was good Mom.  We learned a new song in choir and I need to go to the internet and listen to it again please.”

 “Sounds good.  Anything else I should know about?”

“No Mommy. That’s it.”

 “We’re going to the grocery store after your appointment and will pick up dinner on the way.”

They were almost finished with the groceries but needed some fresh fruit and vegetables for the rest of the week.  As Sophia looked over the cucumbers, a tall man approached her from the right.  “Hi” the man said startling Sophia out of her thoughts.  Jumping in place just a bit at the deep accented voice, she closed her eyes to gather herself before addressing the man. 

Turning to face the intruder the first thing she noticed was his height.  The man had to be 6’4 with a devastating smile and eyes that sparkled. She couldn’t decide if they were more green or blue.  It didn’t matter.  They were mesmerizing.

 Sophia returned the smile. “Hi. Am I in your way?” Sophia asked, believing this to be the only reason a stranger would approach her.

 “No.  This is going to sound very forward, but I came over because I wanted to ask you for coffee sometime.  I saw you a few months ago and promised myself if the universe allowed me to see you again that I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to ask you out for coffee.”

  Taken aback by the forwardness of the man, Sophia just stared for a bit in shock.  Catching that she was caught off guard, he extended his hand to introduce himself.

 “Kristos Kostas. How do you do?”

 Liking the accent, she smiled again and shook his hand.  A spark shot though her body.  Continuing to smile as she stared into his beautiful eyes, she didn’t let go of his hand, I could look at those all day, Sophia thought. 

“Mommy, I picked the bananas” Ziyana-Rose said in excitement as she came up to her mother.

  Shaken out of her daze, Sophia dropped the hand she was holding to turn and address her daughter.  Before anything else could be said, Ziyana-Rose approach Kristos, extending her hand.

“Hi! My name is Ziyana-Rose.  Are you a friend of my mom?” 

Sophia was both embarrassed and proud.  Her daughter showed excellent manners in that moment, but she knew no strangers.  Smiling at her daughter, Sophia put her hand on her daughters’ shoulders to pull her back from the stranger after they shook hands.  Chuckling at the bubbly little girl, “No, your mother and I were just talking.”

 “That’s fine.  My mom doesn’t have any man friends except for Uncle Lee but he lives in Germany with his family and we don’t get to see him much.  If you want to go on a date that’s fine too.  She never goes on those.  It’s just the two of us and we’re always home.  Except for when we go to dance practice or to Mrs. Claire’s house. We’re pretty boring.”

 Sophia was mortified.  Ziyana-Rose managed to say all that in one breath.  Shocked yet again, Sophia stood with her mouth open looking down at her daughter.  The deep chuckle coming from Kristos kicked her into action.  Sophia turned her daughter to look at her.

 “Please stand by the cart and don’t say anything.  We will talk about this is the car.” 

Knowing her mouth got her in trouble yet again, Ziyana-Rose looked down saying “yes Ma’am” as she walked to the cart. 

Closing her eyes to gather herself, Sophia had no idea how she was going to address the diarrhea of information that flowed from her daughters’ mouth.   

“Since your daughter gave us permission, how about we change that coffee to dinner and make it a date? I know this great Italian place not far from here.  Are you free Saturday night?”

 Kristos watched the color creep up her cheeks.  It made her even more lovely.  Sophia smiled shyly.

“I’d like that.”

 “Great.  Give me your number and I’ll call you tomorrow for the details.”

She rattled off her number as Kristos put it in his phone.  Texting her so she had his number, Kristos came closer to Sophia. 

“I’m a homebody too.  But there are so many things we can do to make it unboring.  I look forward to talking to you tomorrow about our date.  Have a good day Sophia.  Bye Ziyana-Rose.”

She waved her good-bye as her mother hadn’t given her permission to speak.  Sophia stood there watching him walk away.  I have a date played on repeat as she finished her grocery shopping. 

Kristos had to walk away.  He wanted her and the pull was strong.  It’s crazy to see her again out of the blue, he thought.   Kristos sent up a prayer of thanks as he walked to the register.  That night he woke up in a cold sweat, dick hard as granite.  The dream of Sophia in his bed, body writhing in orgasm as he did all manner of things to her luscious body had felt real. 

Looking over at the clock he realized he had an hour before he would usually wake up for work.  Knowing he would not go back to sleep in his current state, Kristos opted to start his day. 

“Damn.” The dream was on replay all throughout his morning workout.  Taking matters into him own hands as he showered, he knew it was going to be a long day.