Pirate's Keep 1-2 Bundle (Epub)

He licked her juices from his digits.
"This was only a small morsel of the pleasure I offer you, my lady. The next occasion will be more intoxicating, if not better,” promised Nick.

Lorraine Butler is a slave...
Running away from the whip, the dogs, and her disgusting master hot on her tracks, she strides towards freedom. Sneaking aboard a docked ship, she hides in the hull that takes her across the seas to Great Britain. Now what? That was the question rattling in her mind when she’s caught trying to sneak off after reaching the strange, new place. Opening her mouth, she tells a lie that will chart the dangerous course of her life, that only Nick can brave.

Nicholas Rainer is a pirate.....
A ruthless, nasty pirate. Once plundering under King Alexander’s flag, he goes rogue when the king refuses to give Nicholas what he wants. While cooling his anger within a tavern, he comes across the mysterious, delicate, brown skinned beauty, and he decides that he must have her. Will he fall madly in love? Or will he use Lorraine for something far more sinister to get what he wants from the king?