Don't Tell My Husband 2 (Mobile/Pdf Version)

Callie and Emerald awake to find themselves cold, frightened, and miles away from home. The only help they have is in the form of the two handsome Lin Chen brothers: Waylan and Jackson. But the question that still remains: are the brothers willing to forgive them? Emerald knows how to put her curvy and sexy assets to use, but will they be enough to free her from the clutches of Jackson's wrath with her mind and heart still intact?

Now that she's free from her cheating husband, Callie at last has the freedom to reclaim her own life as she plots her revenge against all those whom have hurt her. But will her new future include Waylan, or will her hatred get in the way? Don't Tell My Husband 2 is the exciting, sexually charged conclusion to the Don't Tell My Husband Series. You don't want to miss this tale of love, betrayal, revenge & redemption!

© 2015
Sapphire (Rose)/ Christine Gray

All rights reserved.

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