Nobody Kisses Like A Cartel Boss (Pdf)

24-year-old Vicardo "Tru" Trufant is the king of the Alabama drug trade when a rival intrusion on his turf leaves him in prison for fifteen years to life. He puts the prison time to good use and after 5 years of good behavior and a good lawyer, is let free to reign back over his neighborhood ShadowBrook.

While Tru was gone, a lot has changed in Montgomery. His right hand hasn't lived up to his reputation, his cartel boss is being different, and his girlfriend's lies are more frequent than they were. His six year old daughter is his only bright spot.

That's until he has a chance encounter with his high school sweetheart, the one that got away, Imani. Imani is the most beautiful soul that Tru has ever crossed and his past mistakes that he committed against her seem to be forgiven. But are they? Imani is holding a secret that could be a wrecking ball in the love they have built. Imani has Tru in the palm of her hand. Will she seek revenge or will this new power couple rule over Bama together?