After a year of schooling, and forcing herself to be with happy with someone she doesn't love, Constance she sees him again on Graduation Ceremony. Can she leave well enough alone live the lavish life she already has?

Seth was forced to move on when Constance walked out on him, leaving him numb. He knew he should have stayed away from Graduation. If it wasn't for his new girlfriend,Taylor, he would have saved himself the pain for seeing Constance again. Looking at her as she spoke to the crowd, he relives their every touch, the passion that only she can quench.

When their eyes meet, will he turn into the same fool he was before? Or will he fight the urge to rekindle their romance? 

Chapter 1

Constance P.O.V


I sat at the front of the class as my microbiology teacher gave a lecture for the second time this week. I sat there silently as he talked in the dimly lit room while switching between the slides in the projector. I was in the middle of taking notes when I heard the door open from the back of the room.

"Mr. Golden, nice of you to join us." Professor Henson spoke as the boy took his seat.

I didn't look back since this was an everyday thing with that boy. Why pay thousands of dollars for school and not go? I looked at the clock and heard the bell go off. I stood and grabbed my things.

"Ms. Winters, do you have a moment?" The Professor said. I traveled to the front of the room.

"Yes," I said walking towards him. He was searching through a pile of papers as if he was looking for something.

"Can I speak to you as well, Mr. Golden?" He said not looking up, but the boy stopped with a loud huff.

"What is it, James?" He said to the professor without receiving a reply.

"Constance, I would love it if you joined my Biology team. We start The Biology Race in three weeks. I know it's not cool, but you're a very smart young lady, and this is a very fun challenge for you. If you want to join the Biology Bosses, let me know." He said as he handed me a paper.

I smiled at Mr. Hanson, a very handsome young man maybe in his the early 40's, tall with tan skin.

"I'll think about it," I replied, and he gave me a toothy smile. However, his smile turned into a frown when he looked behind me.

"Young man, I need to speak with you." He said, and I turned to look at the boy behind me.

He was tall with long black hair, a leather jacket, black jeans, and a black shirt. I didn't see his face because of his hair, but I didn't care either. He glanced at me as I walked past him looking at the paper.

"Connie!" A voice yelled, and I looked up to find my roommate Kerri standing in front of me.

She had a bottle of vodka in her hand and her short sparkly blue dress that looked nice on her dark skin. I looked back at the Professor who smiled at me, and the boy looked at Kerri.

"Well, Connie, it is Friday! I will see you Monday." He said. The boy looked at me, but I turned from him and headed towards Kerri.

"Damn!! Who is white chocolate there?" She asked me loud as hell, and I looked back at the boy who was looking at Kerri with a smile.

"Some guy from my class that I don't know. What are you doing here?" I asked her turning away from the boy.

"Alpha Kia Omega has a party for seniors only." She said holding up the bottle.

"I guess so," I said looking at the paper and walking out of the door, and she followed me.

"Bitch, come on. You work too much, and for you to have all A's, you think too damn much too. Let's go out, have fun, relax, and suck a guy's dick." She said making me smile.

"No, I'll have a drink with you, but I have work in about three hours, and if I don't go you can't waste money on vodka," I said as we made it outside. The sun was low in the sky.

"I hate the fact that we don't hang out as much as we did. We live together, and I never see you, Bro. Once we graduate in nine months, we aren't going to see each other all that much. Live it up with me before that happens." Kerri said making me feel sad. She was right, and I knew it.

"Alright, find us something to do tomorrow, and I'll be there," I said making her smile. We stopped walking next to a tree.

"Alright, I'll see you later. I'm going to be with Beth and Liz tonight, so if you can't reach me, call them." She said before she walked off and I headed to the dorm.

I walked past the people on the grass, and the others that were standing around talking next to a statue. I slipped passed everyone unnoticed, but then again, I was blessed with that. I dressed like someone's mom, mostly because my mom always shopped for me. My long skirt stopped at my ankles, my button down red and blue plaid blouse didn't help me either. I walked into my building and headed up to my room for a quick nap and a shower.

"Hey, Connie," Bryan said as I stopped next to my door.

"There's no one at the front desk, so you can just walk out," I said not looking at him.

"No, I wasn't in some bitch's room, I was looking for you." He said making me look back.

"Why?" I asked him, and he smiled at me.

Bryan was a football player, he was a girl's wet dream, and if I wanted him, I could have him. He was tall. His body was nothing but muscle. His skin was caramel brown and his eyes matched. I didn't know why he liked me, but I wasn't going to go for him.

"I just wanted to see if you need someone to walk you to work?" He said moving closer to me.

"I don't work till 7:00, and it's 4:03," I replied pushing my dorm's door open.

"Connie, why don't you like me?" He asked me walking into my room.

"I do like you. We have been friends since high school," I replied taking off my book bag.

"Not like that girl, you know what I mean." He said closing the door, and I looked at it.

"You're just not my type, Bryan," I said, and he laughed.

"All the girls at this school and you’re the only one I can't get." He said laughing.

"I'll see you later," I said, and he smiled walking out of the door.

I sat on my bed and looked up thinking about Bryan. No, I don't want him, and no I don't want any man right now. I just want to go to school and work until I can find someone at my speed of intimacy. I looked at the clock and started to get ready for work at Lucky Mart, knowing I had to be there at 4:30, but I got off at 7:00 to start my real job.



Chapter 2

Seth P.O.V


I walked out of the school fucking annoyed with James the know it all professor. I pulled a cigarette out of my pocket and looked for my lighter. Shit, I think I gave it to Bryan, and he never gave the shit back.

"Look for one of these." A voice said behind me, and I turned to look at Taylor.

She was a girl I fucked sometimes, but as of lately she has become very clingy and annoying to me. She was pretty, skin very fair, and her breasts nice and full and there was nothing that she didn't do in the bed.

"Thanks," I said taking the lighter and flicking it, and I noticed she kept looking at me.

"What is it, Taylor?" I asked blowing out smoke and dropping the lighter into my pocket.

"So, what are you doing tonight?" She asked me rubbing her hand up my arm.

"Don't worry about what I'm doing. If I feel bored tonight, I'll come and see you," I said walking away from her.

"You're an asshole, Seth!" She yelled, and I just kept walking while reaching my hand up and flipping her off.

I heard her yell again as I headed to the bus stop wanting to make it to the store before I met up with Bryan for tonight. I stopped at the bus stop and noticed to point Dexter from my Biology class looking at her phone. I didn't talk to her as I waited for the bus, taking another hit from my cigarette.

"Hey, teacher's pet, how long have you been waiting?" I yelled over to her, and she looked back at me.

"Since I'm sure you have nothing better to do but look for attention from strangers at the bus stop, I'll humor you. I have been here for less than two minutes, and since you haven't been here for more than 30 seconds, I can't believe you're tired of waiting. I'm not all knowing, so maybe you are sick of waiting and want to know when the bus is coming. Simply turn your head slightly and look at the lights telling you it will be here in three minutes. You don't have to be a teacher's pet to have God-given common sense." She said turning back to her phone.

I didn't say anything to the annoying bitch, just looked back at the sign I didn't notice. I only had two minutes, and I looked back at the skinny girl dressed in a uniform.

"All you had to say was three minutes," I said to her. However, she didn't look at me, and I took a drag on my cig.

"All you had to do was look." She said back to me when I heard a car horn go off, and I looked up.

"Seth!" Liam and Aaron yelled from a car, and I looked over at them.

I started for them and noticed the girl never looked up. What a weird little girl. I walked passed her slightly brushing into her, and she just looked at me. I didn't say anything just laughed at her as I headed for the car. She was annoying. I hate suck-up girls, and I hate know-it-alls. All she did was "Professor, I know." "Professor, I'll help." Annoying shit.

"Come on man!" Liam said pushing back his blond hair, and Aaron looked at me as I got in.

Liam was a blond-haired, blue-eyed, rude-ass dude, and Aaron was from Chicago, but he was Hispanic.

"Where's Bryan?" I asked, and they laughed.

"Chasing after some bitch," Liam said taking my cig from me.

"No, really. Where's Bryan?" I asked as the smell of weed hit my nose.

"Chasing some bitch," Aaron said passing me the blunt.

"Sad, grown-ass man can have any bitch he wants, but he follows that weird little bitch," Liam said making Aaron laugh.

"I don't know what bitch you're talking about but go to the store so that I can get the booze," I replied, and the two started to laugh.

"What?" I asked looking around as they pointed.

I looked over to the nerdy little girl, and Bryan was talking to her, trying to grab her hand and everything. I couldn't help but laugh at how hard I knew he was trying to get with her, but he was failing miserably.

"That girl is who he is after?" I asked shocked.

Aaron honked his horn making them both look at us as the bus pulled up. She got on the bus, and Bryan waved bye to her before he ran over to us. He opened the door to nothing but laughter.

"Shut the fuck up." He said taking the blunt from me.

"Bro, Why?" I asked him, and he laughed.

"Man, I already know, under those oversized clothes she’s got body under there trust me," he said taking a hit.

"You already saw it?" Liam asked.

"Back in high school, when I was a freshman, she got a little too lit and came home with ya' boy." He said making us all laugh.

“You dated her?” I asked having to know if he really dated that nerd.

“Naw I haven’t, but if she wants to be my bitch she can. Back in high school I was trying to hold her down but she wasn’t going, and I wasn’t too stuck on her no way. Her dorm was having a party but she was getting ready for bed, I walked in thinking it was a bathroom, and saw her whole ass, and that coke bottle shape. That girl is mine.” He said making everyone laugh again.

"But what's in her head is what counts," I said making everyone laugh.

"Please the only women I love is my mother and my sister. These girls aren't nothing but hoes. She's the same. Only one boyfriend that she ran out of town when we were in high school. He fell in love with one of these hoes, and she broke up with him. I just want that pussy in my face." Bryan said making me and the others laugh.

"Let go, Aaron. I need to get the booze," I yelled, and he pulled off heading to the store.

"Go to Lucky Mart," Aaron said stopping in front of the place. I got out.

I walked into the store and looked at this smart little girl that works here. She looked at me, and I gave her a wink, but she just turned her head from me. She was a stuck-up bitch, but I'm not after her like Bryan. I walked to the back grabbing three bottles of Vodka and heading out of the store.

"Are you going to pay for that?" She asked me making me stop and point to myself.

"Oh, I almost forgot," I said walking over to her.

She rang up my stuff, and I looked at her trying to see that "Body" Bryan was talking about. It was pointless. Her uniform was too big. She had a cute face I guess, but it took more than an okay face to impress me. I handed her the money, and she looked at the time, for the tenth time in 30 seconds.

"It's 5:03," I said to her, and she handed me my bag. I gave her another wink as I walked out.

Bryan could have her. Not only was she the teacher's pet, but she was a weird girl as well. I looked back at her, and she just looked at the clock like she had something better to be doing. She looked out the window at me looking at her, and she gave me a wink followed by her flipping me off. I looked at her and grabbed my nuts. Then, I flipped her off as I pulled the car door open and got in.