Lamia Blood (Epub)

One night to party, one last time....

Serin Davies is close to the end of the long road of college classes. As a last hurrah to her studious life, she decides to join a friend at a party. Having lamented her life of studying and nothing else. She wishes for a night to let loose and maybe turn back the clock.

Be careful what you wish for....

Waking up on top of a slab isn't exactly the way Serin wanted to end her college years. She also wasn't expecting to be adopted into a coven of vampires not known for their southern hospitality. Stuck realizing that she will never see her family again, and having to repeat her life of a college student. She had no intention of getting involved in a romantic tryst with anyone.

Enters Ryan Gables a 2nd-year college student, who seems a little to eager to make Serin a friend. Something about him isn't right, and unfortunately, Serin might found out about it too late.