No One Can Love You Like I Can 2 (Pdf/Mobile Version)

“Do you remember what I confessed to you tonight?” Jakobe whispered.
Nakida closed her eyes. His deep, even voice shook her to her core.
“Yes,” she swallowed hard.
“What did I say?” he pressed.
When she opened her eyes, she was instantly lost in the depths of his open blue gaze.
“That you loved me, and that I could never get away from you.”
She moaned at the sight of him biting on his full bottom lip.
“You… are… mine, forever.”

The clock is ticking for Jakobe to piece together who is trying to destroy him. Soon, he'll realize that the person is closer to home than he thought. Now, he has to deal with his trigger happy mother, Niamh, while trying to hold on to the love he's found in Nakida. When the truths of their past come to light, will Jakobe and Nakida's newfound love be strong enough to stand against the mounting storms?

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