Don't Tell My Husband (Epub/Tablet Version)

Callie had always been giving and trusting, willing to do anything for her husband, Jared. From dropping out of college to pay for his education, to signing over her business to him, to even accepting his mistress, Megan….But everyone has a breaking point.

Determined to gain her freedom, Callie reestablished her partnership with an old friend and went back to the job that started it all…the only work she was good at: an adult phone operator. She had her goal in sight until Waylan called her line and totally shook up her world.

After Waylan finds out her identity by accident, Callie has a choice: have her husband, Jared, find out about her late night occupation, or take Waylan up on his offer to spend a week full of erotic fantasies with him. But a lot can happen in seven days…

© 2014
Sapphire (Rose)/ Christine Gray

All rights reserved.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. Unauthorized reproduction, in any manner, is prohibited.

Will Callie drop her no good, cheating husband for the opportunity to get freaky with Waylan or continue to be the “good wife” and endure Jared’s adulterous ways?

Chapter One

              It’s truly amazing that you can seem to have it all, but really have nothing at all, thought Callie as she toweled dried her hair in front of the foggy bathroom mirror. Like clockwork, she could hear her husband in the room as he got himself ready to leave for the evening. There was no longer a need to think about why he had to leave for the evening. They both knew there was no emergency or late night meeting, or some guys’ night out that he needed to get to. No, it was time for him to leave because she was waiting for him.  

             Even though she tried, she had no clue as to where or how his little affair happened. It was like he went to bed in love with her, and then in the morning’s light of the next day, the love spell was broken. He was cool and quick when he spoke about it. He would look at her and nothing seemed to stir in him for her at all anymore. The only time he was kind was when they were out together, which was rare, and now, those were moments that she longed for. 

            There was a time when he looked, spoke to her, and allowed her to be in his warmth. Even if it was just for show, she hoped every time that the dream would never end. But to Callie's dismay, it always ended. He would always see her to their apartment’s double doors when they went out though, Not wanting to waste another second, he would help her out of the car, say good night, and then drive off, leaving her to see herself in. 

            Tossing the towel into the bin, she turned back to look at her reflection in the bathroom mirror. It was very rare for her to leave her thick natural hair down. Usually, she went to the pains of keeping it straight, but the unexpected storm had caused the shoulder length hair to revert back to its natural ethnic state. Grabbing hold of a strand, she watched as it curled up like a corkscrew under her touch.       “Well, are you going to stand there in the nude or are you going to get out of the way?” The cold tone of the man standing behind her shocked her out of her trance.

            “Oh, I'm so sorry, Jared.”

            “Yes, I know. Now, please move. Kate's waiting for me,” he said as he reached past Callie's nude form to turn on the faucet.

            Blinking twice, she reached for her nightshirt and pulled it on. It was so painfully obvious, at that moment, that there was no spark and no lust. Hell, no desire of any kind left in him towards her at all. There was a time when he would take mercy on her and would gift her with a ‘mercy hump, but those days were far-gone. 

            “I've left a list of things you need to do for me tomorrow,” Jared said, gruffly. 

Drying his hands, he followed Callie through the archway into their dressing room and then into their bedroom. She sat on the edge of the bed and listened, automatically bobbing her head in obedience to his every word. She could see his five o'clock shadow forming on his strong tanned jaw line. Even though, his brown hair was pulled back, that one, wavy strand that refused to be pulled back broke free to fall over his brow. Like second nature, his strong, long fingers went up to force it out of his green eyes. 

            “What are you thinking, Callie?” Jared sighed, standing with his hands on his thin hips. “You have a strange look.” He was referring to the shy expression on Callie’s light brown face.  Half of him didn't really want her to answer. He already knew what she had to say even before she finally found the words to speak what was on her mind. Taking a few steps back, he leaned on the wall behind him to look at his wife. It was about that time for her to bitch about their relationship… blah… blah… blah. He had heard it so much over the last two years; he knew it by chapter and verse.

            Four years now in total, they have been married. The first two were great: fucking every day. She was a great mix of class and slut, but unlike the other girls in college, Callie had a mind for business, and if he was honest, he wouldn't have any of his fortune without her. Where he lacked vision and execution, she made up for it a hundred fold, but she lacked the guts and lingo that was needed in the industry. 

            Even now, she was flustered and at a loss for words as she tried to express her feelings. Through the years of his fast talking, mind games, and manipulation, he had her as his canary in a cage, but that's all she was to him. Out of duty and pity, he married her. Jared knew he owed everything to her. When his dad had refused to pay for his classes, she had actually paid for his classes out of her own financial aid money. At first, being with her was just an act of defiance to his parents. He knew they were just tolerating her, too, but Jared knew they were praying that Callie wouldn't turn up pregnant. Though, when he realized the lengths she would go for their 'love', he would have been a fool to leave her until he was ready. Hell, she was supporting him! All he had to do was watch a few movies, go out with a few of her friends, and listen to her crazy business ideas. Plus, a bonus was the pussy was always wet and good.

            But, her ideas weren't all crazy, he admitted to himself as he shifted his stance against the wall.  She had hooked her feet up onto the edge of the bed frame like a little girl. She must have forgotten that she didn’t have any underwear on. From his vantage point, he was able to see through her thin, toned legs to the curly hair that covered her cunt. 

            Glancing over at the side table, he realized he would have time for a quick screw but, on second thought, he reconsidered. The way she was going on, Jared knew that doing so wouldn't help matters, but it would only give her false hope. 

            “Why don't you just leave?” he asked, cutting her off. It was time to put an end to this nonsense. “If you think it’s going to get better, baby, it’s not,” he added. 

Running his hands through his hair, Jared took a moment to choose his words. For some reason, he was in a charitable mood. He had said so many mean things to her and as he looked at her, he was able to see just how broken and tamed she had become from being under his firm control.

            “Listen,” he began again. “You can go anytime, but, I’ll only allow you to leave with just enough money to get you settled somewhere else. The business is in my name. The accounts are in my name. You don’t’ have shit.”

            “But, it was my idea. I...” Callie started.

            “Yes,” Jared said slowly. “You know that, and here in this room, right now, I'll admit it to you that I owe you so much, Callie. But, think about it. I've never hit you. I’ve allowed you to buy whatever you want. I don't say a thing about you taking care of your entire family. You've done what none of them were able to do. You made it. So, just enjoy it, and shut the hell up, damn it.”

            “How can I when my husband chooses to leave every night to be with his bitch?!”

            Tilting his head to the side, Jared's eyebrows shot up in surprise. Was that a spark of anger? She was usually so undetected about things. He had to give it to her. Most women would have let themselves go while they wallowed in their despair, but it was like Callie was going to defy the universe by keeping herself tone, firm, and attractive. It had been over a year since he saw her in her natural state and almost two years since he buried his cock in her hot, throbbing pussy.

            “Just stop, please,” he said firmly, gaining control of his wondering thoughts. Coming off the wall, he shoved his hands into his pants. 

Time to go. Fucking her just won’t do, he reminded himself. 

            “What you want, you can't have. I see now that marrying you was a mistake, but it’s too late. Enjoy this partnership and the good life that you have. You are really blessed, and those you care about are blessed too. This isn't paradise, Callie. This is life... your life. Now, I've wasted enough time here talking to you. My advice... if you're lonely, get a pet. If you're bored get a hobby. And, if you're horny... go buy a toy,” he said over his shoulder as he walked out the door.

             Callie was so absorbed in his words, it took her a moment to realize he was done talking and had  walked out of the quiet room, leaving the door gaping open into the dim lit hallway. 

              Wow, how symbolic, she thought. If this was a comedy, the sight of her with a dropped jaw, wide eyes and slump shoulders would have been hilarious to see. She had to laugh at her desperation to keep from crying. The memory of Jared advising her to buy a toy was unbelievable to her. Well, the joke was on him because she already had a nice collection in a box under the bed under the extra


            She had to agree with him. She did not want to go back to the life she had before him and before the money. So many people were counting on her. Of course, she was sure that if they really knew the truth about her life, they would all be there to kick Jared's ass and pack her bags.  

            But then what? Back to working two jobs to support myself? She thought. 

            Although she went to college, her grades had suffered so much with the late nights she worked to help Jared pay for his courses. She never finished. The diploma she had mounted on her mother's wall was a three hundred dollar fake.  Jared had run a damn good number over on her years ago, offering to help push her idea and making it seem like he was doing her a favor. Then after the engagement, he presented her with papers to sign that gave him control over her idea and business.

And, like a fool, she stopped school to work in the business that she considered to be theirs.          Nervously, Callie reached for her cell phone. She didn't know if her shaking was due to being scared or if it was the return of the anger she had thought she had lost years ago. 

            After the third ring, a warm honey, slightly familiar voice with just a touch of bad-girl answered the phone, "Ooh, baby! You've dialed the right number--hot, wet, and penetrating… You better be ready for this mind-blowing experience.” 

            Rolling her eyes, Callie cut into a painfully obvious scripted speech. “OK, girl, please stop.

Save it for the next caller.”

    “What?! Oh, it’s you,” the woman laughed, returning to her normal tone. “Well, I have to be hot and ready at all times, you know.”

            “Why are you on the phone anyway? Don't you have girls for that?”

            “Yes, but I'm forced to stay my ass on these damn phones. I'm trying to make money, not go broke. These bitches over here think that all it takes is a few moans and a description of their pussy to keep a guy on the line, but how can I be of service to you?”

            “I'll take your offer,” Callie whispered into the phone. 

Even as she said the words, they sounded as if they were being spoken by someone else. 

             “Wait…You sure?” Rosie responded in excitement.

            “Yes,” Callie answered. She could almost feel the rush of air that Rosie had let out as she exhaled heavily into the phone. 

            “Are you in only a little bit or will this be like before?” Rosie asked, cautiously.

            “Is that even possible? I mean, are you willing to do that?” Callie asked hopefully.

            “Hell, yeah. I've managed this far but believe me; it’s nothing like before. Not even close. So, yes! I’m down if you’re down.”

            “Rosie, it has been a long time since...”

            “Oh please, Callie. You were a pro. All you need to do is flip that switch.” She paused. “You never told that asshole… I mean Jared, did you?”

            “Tell him what? That I was a part owner and worked as a phone sex operator? Of course not. I didn't want him looking down at me… and, he can't know now either.”

     It took a moment for Rosie to process the fact that her friend still cared a rat's tit about what that bastard thought. 

            “OK… partner. It will be just the two of us, oh and my cousin, Emerald. I’ll fire the rest of the girls in the morning,” Rosie said matter-of-factually.

            “OK,” Callie responded worriedly.

            “Hey, don't worry about it. You were a great actress. That's a natural talent that doesn't go away. So, girl, get out some porn, stroke the kitty to get in the mood, and get ready to suck some guy’s dick over the phone! Oh, and don't freak when you get the bill for this call. Time is money and we just made…twenty-five bucks. Ciao!”


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