Wolf Moon Rising

Who said that girls couldn't rule the world?

For Artemisia O'Connell, ruling came as natural as breathing. Then again, she didn't become the Alpha Lycan of the Pacific just on her looks. Artemisia lived by a code, and those who violated that code were met with a swift end. Yes as tough as her exterior may be, the young Alpha bore the scars of a strenuous past; scars that seemed unhealable.

Rodrigo De Luca just wanted some action. Forced to hold desk duty at the Seattle Police Department, he wanted to go out in the field and work, but was always held back. He wanted to leave the unhealthy relationship he was forced in by his girlfriend Mary, but he was tried because she owned him.

Everything seemed so... stuck; that was until that fateful night.
The night where Rodrigo saved Artemisia from an assassination attempt, which set in motion a scene of events that night neither could have foreseen.
A Vengeful Promise.
A Passionate Love Affair.
A Hidden Danger.

All this and more, wait in store for the couple, and as the Wolf Moon begins to Rise; Blood threatens to fall like the Petals of a Rose...

(Red isn't scared of the wolf. This time, Little Red IS the WOLF! 
A Re-Telling of Little Red Riding Hood)