Down and Dirty, An Erotica_Carmella (Epub)

Unable to resist the charm of her three, insatiable step brothers, Vega finds herself hopelessly seduced by each one of them. Ian, the quiet, calculating one with a skillful tongue. Vince, the sensitive caring one with the hands of a god. Lastly, Heath, the rough dominant one, who gives as much as he takes.

A collection of sexy, erotic short stories filled with dominance, sex, and your dirtiest fantasies. Cum and Play.

1.    Screw Me Into Submission

"Can you just relax?" Lacey demands as we step inside of the night club known as Nympho. How can I relax? My life is a mess, I haven't been on a second date in a year, and that's how long it's been since I've last had sex.

"You've dragged me to a sex club to be bound, and you think I can just relax," I hiss at her. The music is low enough to comfortably converse, and I'm surprised how many people litter the halls. My eyes drag over their outfits, and I can feel my cheeks warming. I watch a woman being led on a leash with a diamond encrusted collar around her neck. Her breasts are bare and her gaze is cast down at the floor.

"I'm not really into that stuff, Lace." I look down at my tight red dress and the unsettling feeling of being out of place overwhelms me. "I don't really think we're fitting in." I gesture at her dress.

Lacey grins, and unzips her dress before letting it slide to the floor. I'm jealous of her curves, and the way all of the men are eyeing her dark skin like she’s a delicious treat sent specifically for them. She moves gracefully out of her dress, now in a lacy pair of panties and I envy the confidence she emits. "Look how simple that was. Besides, you won't be in those clothes for long." She winks at me.

"I don't think --” I'm cut off by a man who steps in front of Lacey. Her eyes warm with recognition as he lifts his hand up to her chin and strokes her softly. She sighs gently, and leans in to his grasp.

"You're wearing the panties I asked. Good girl." He praises her. "Come." It's not a request. The air shifts around them, and Lacey nods and begins to follow behind him. I reach for her quickly, grabbing her shoulder. She whips her head back and glares at me.

"You'll be fine." She shakes my hand off her shoulder. "Relax. Find some cock." I watch with disbelief as she disappears down the hallway, leaving me alone in this bizarre place. I've heard of BDSM, but I never thought in a million years I would actively seek it out. Loneliness bubbles inside of me, and I glance around anxiously. My fingers fidget with my dress, ruffling the material along my hips before I notice him.

The man's gorgeous. He's tall, and his body is chiseled with the muscle of a god. His upper half is bare, and my eyes drink in his deliciously tan skin. My fingers twitch with the yearning to drag them along the rigged muscle, feel every inch of him, graze my thumb across his nipples. His jeans hang low on his hips, a toned v-shape muscle trailing off into the fabric, and I'm envious of his pants.

His eyes are endlessly black as he begins to make his way down the hallway towards me. I feel like an antelope being stalked by a lion. I shift uncomfortably back and forth on my feet. This is what I want, right? Yes! I groan inwardly at the thought of this man's hot mouth covering my pussy.

He stops in front of me, chest heaving up and down. He's serene, and it unnerves me because I'm practically hyperventilating.

"Come," he says, holding out his hand for me to take. Every sensible part of my brain is screaming for me to run the other way, get out of a place like this but I ignore it. A small smile takes form on my lips and I place my hand in his.

"What's your name?" he asks, and I'm glad he can't see my face because my embarrassment is hard to mask. His voice is thick and melodic. My legs wobble just from his simple question. He grips my hand firmly. His fingers are large. My mouth fills with saliva and I swallow the lump building in my throat.


"Isabelle." He tests the word on his tongue, and it sounds so right coming from his lips, I almost ask him to repeat my name. "You will address me as Sir."

Down the hallway to the left are private rooms. He pulls open the door and we disappear inside. Along the walls are different whips, floggers, and straps. A king-size bed is made in the middle of the far wall, with satin sheets. I stand awkwardly in the middle of the room.

"Take off your clothes," he instructs. I'm hesitant. Now is the last moment to back out. He wants me naked in front of him. In a room filled with torture devises in the right circumstance. I'm afraid. I survey the room, as my hands twitch uselessly down at my sides.

"I don't like repeating myself,” he says, his tone curt. Shivers run down my spine, and my hands are set into motion, unzipping my dress, and pushing the garment down my body. My breasts bounce free, nipples stabbing the air in anticipation as I discard the clothing on the floor. My panties remain on my body.

"Leave them." He's grabbing something from the wall. Ropes. My throat feels tight, but I steady my breath. I just need to relax. This is a place to let go. The excitement I feel flourishes as he runs his hand down the side of my face, skimming my neck before his thumb rubs small circles against my nipple. I arch into his hand, my mouth going slack as I toss my head back and surrender to the sensation.

"Oh my god." My words are barely a whisper.

"Give me your hands." He relinquishes my nipple from his skilled touch, and positions the ropes under my wrists before binding them together. They're tight, and rough against my skin but I'm too busy focusing on the growing bulge in his pants to care. With one swift motion, he picks me up and carries me to the bed, before tossing me on top of it. I want to cover myself now that I'm splayed out in front of him, but it's as if he can read my mind, and he shakes his head.

"Don't." He grabs my bound wrists roughly and ties them to the metal frame at the head of the bed. I pull on the knot, but it doesn't budge.

"You know why I wanted you to leave this on?" he asks, as he moves towards my panties. I'm squirming beneath him, trying to press my pussy against him to get some type of friction on my clitoris, but he's careful. He makes sure not to touch me. Not enough to satisfy me. He grazes his fingers along my covered slit, and I buck my hips.

"So I could rip it off of you,” he growls, before ripping my panties away from me. His hot breath cascades over my glistening folds. I'm quivering like the temperatures dropped below zero.

“Oh yes, please,” I beg. His tongue licks along my slit up towards my clitoris, rubbing circles against the sensitive bud. I’m putty in his hands, melting with every soft lick along my pussy. He grips my thighs tightly, digging his fingers into my flesh as he presses his tongue harder against me.

Pleasure ignites every nerve in my body. I feel blissful. My toes curl, and I clench my thighs around his head. He swirls his tongue at my entrance and laps up my juices. I twist my wrists, pulling against the ropes, aching to touch him and bury his face against my vagina, but the ropes remain tight.

I inhale a sharp breath when his finger circles my entrance. He plunges a finger inside of me, and I cry out. He’s pounding my pussy while viciously flicking his tongue against my clitoris, drawing out my orgasm.

“Fuck,” I howl as I come. I shake uncontrollably as the feathery strokes of his tongue against my wet center send me into a realm of pure ecstasy. I’m obliterated before him. Falling into a deep erotic abyss, and my bodies on fire.

I feel his fingers ease out of me. And his weight shift on the bed. I pull my head up and watch as he unbuttons his pants, pulling them down and freeing the massive bulge from its confines. His cock is massive, endlessly long and thick. I gasp.

“I’m not fucking done with you.,” he growls, before walking around to undo the rope along the bed frame. He frees my wrists.

“You’re soaking wet for me,” he groans, stroking his shaft. I yelp as he yanks my ass to the edge of the bed. “You want my cock don’t you?”

“Oh yes,” I say. I’m delirious; eyes rolling in the back of my head as he strokes the tip of his dick against my pussy before pushing the head inside.

“Holy shit,” I curse. He’s too big. I’m afraid he won’t fit. He’ll stretch me completely and what’s worse is that excites me to my very core.

“Your pussy is so tight.” He thrusts hard, and the rest of him sinks inside of me. “Like a fucking glove.” His cock pulsates inside of me, massaging my walls. I’ve never felt so good. I arch my back, thrusting my hips to meet his thrusts, but he’s too wild. I can’t keep up with his feral movements.

I squeal as my clitoris grinds against him. His hands are on my hips and he slams me against him. Sweat coats his forehead and his body ripples with every exertion from his thrusts.

He bends quickly, hooking his arms around my waist and hoisting me up off the bed. I wrap my legs around him, and my arms around his neck as he bounces me on top of him. I’m gyrating my hips, moving in angles that push him deeper inside of me. So deep I’m afraid I’ll split into two, impaled on his shaft.

It’s too good. The walls of my vagina clench around him in an erratic effort to draw his orgasm out. The familiar swirl in my stomach is even more intense as he slams me up and down on his cock.

“Come all over my cock, Isabelle,” he demands. My name on his lips is my release and I’m hit by my orgasm like a train speeding 100 miles per hour. My breath leaves me, and all the energy in my body as I succumb to the feeling. It’s earth shattering.

He hisses out my name before his cock twitches inside of me, emptying load after load of his warm semen until my insides are filled. Another mini orgasm surprises me.

He releases me back onto the bed, where I shut my eyes to regain composure and catch my breath. When I reopen them. He’s gone, but the air hasn’t changed, still thick with lust and dominance.

Sexercise (Part One)

“You think you’re such an adult with that filthy fucking mouth,” Coach calls, while banging his hands off his desk. I glance at the closed door, wishing I was anywhere but here being lectured by the asshole.

“I honestly don’t care. All I need to do is pass the fucking class.” I shrug. It’s the truth. This gym class is the last thing standing in the way of my graduation, and that’s all. I don't give a fuck about him or the activities.

I twirl one of my tightly coiled curls around my finger, while a smug smile makes an appearance on my face. Coach Scott places his hand against his forehead.

“And what makes you think you’re going to pass this class? It’s called physical education. Most of which implies you have to be physically active.”

His green eyes stare at me with annoyance. He’s always tried hard to make me feel unwanted. I’m completely fine with that, but I’m not going to let him fuck up my chance of getting out of this shithole high school. For an attractive man, he’s a complete asshole.

His blonde hair is cropped short on his head. He’s tall, his body covered in lean muscle, and incredibly young to be a gym teacher. I peel my legs off the leather chair and rise from my seat.

“What the fuck are you doing?” he questions, his words a warning. One I’m not going to heed. I pull my hair high onto my head and into a quick messy bun. I’ve always wondered what his cock looked like.

“Getting an A,” I murmur in response and place my hand on his shoulder to scoot his desk chair backwards. He begins protesting but I hold up my hand to silence him.

“Aren’t you sick and tired of repeating yourself. I’m a lazy bitch, okay? Don’t pretend you’ve never thought about having my lips wrapped around your cock.” I take his silence as an okay, and lick my lips as I kneel in between his legs, now hidden by his desk to anyone who might barge in. His gray gym shorts are easy to tug down. His cock springs free from the thin material, and I lean in to kiss the head of him.

He’s nicely endowed. He inhales deeply as I dart my tongue out to lick the slit on the tip of his dick that’s now coated with precum.

“Does this turn you on? Getting your cock sucked by your student, Coach Scott?”

“Fuck,” he groans gently, while placing his hands on the arms of the chair and leaning as far back as possible. He tastes salty as I ease the head of him into my mouth, swirling my tongue around him, savoring the salty nectar of an ‘A’.

“Fuckin’ hell, your mouth feels good. So tight.” He is in my control now, his breathing rapid as I sink myself lower onto his hardened rod, sculpting my mouth to the thick girth, while trailing my tongue over every bulge and vein.

“Mmm,” I reply, my mouth vibrating over his cock makes him thrust forward, sending his shaft deep into the back of my throat. I gag, and hurry to try and breathe. With every fierce thrust, I feel the building orgasm about to erupt from his cock.

“Yes. Just like that,” he growls.

Strands of my hair have loosened. He releases the chair and pushes them back. He grips my curls tightly, pulling just enough for excitement as I fuck him with my mouth. The chair creaks as he moves his hips frantically trying to shove his cock against every angle of my mouth. My tongue slides eagerly around his shaft.

“I’m gonna fucking come.”

I press my lips firmer around him so he knows I want to swallow his load.

“Oh shit. Fuckkk.”

His cock twitches furiously in my mouth and I swallow every last drop of liquid pouring from him.

I release his cock with a ‘pop’ and grin up at him. His eyes are heavy with lust, and despite his recent orgasm, his cock is still semi-hard.

A loud thump at his office door startles me.

“Just a minute,” he calls, before stuffing his cock back into his shorts, and moving back so I can escape out from under his desk.

“There’s more where that came from.” I smirk, and run my hand across his crotch.

I watch a grin play on his lips, before he waves me away dismissively.

“There’s always detention.”

Sexercise (Part 2)

Coach Scott eyes me with a coy tilt to his lips. The clock is ticking by abnormally slow today, and his anxiousness is clear. I want it too. I want to hear the piercing beeps signaling the end of the day, so I can remain in the gym after everyone’s left and get the punishment fit for all my interruptions.

A flash of heat shoots through my body, before radiating straight in between my thighs. Gym is actually starting to bring me joy. I stand against the wall by the double doors leading out into the hallways where the locker rooms are, in my short, green cotton shorts and my tight, see-through, white tank-top.

His eyes roam my body, lingering on my breasts. The gym is colder today, and I’ve deliberately gone bra-less to give him a show. My nipples are like diamonds, shapely and hard momentarily as the cold continues to settle over me.

My expression remains sultry as I dart my tongue out, and run it slowly across my lips, giving him a little reminder of yesterday. I can still feel his bulging cock straining my lips apart. The salty taste of him didn’t leave until well after breakfast this morning, and all I wanted was to fill my mouth with his cock again.

I bring my hand up to my face, pretending to bite my nail as I glance around the room to make sure none of my peers are truly interested in what I’m doing before slipping my index finger deep into my mouth. I suck my finger like it’s his cock, taking it all the way in and slowly moving it back out before plunging the whole length back into my warm hole.

He crosses his arms over his chest, and his eyes flicker to the clock again. Only a couple more minutes until we’re free. He’s free to bury his cock in any hole he’d like. I notice the slight bulge in his sweatpants, and bite my lip to keep from groaning. I’m horny and the thought of his growing cock hidden only by a loose pair of sweats is tempting.

The rush I could feel from pleasuring him in front of these dumb asses is thrilling; Other teenage girls who drool after him are meaningless because he’s hard for me. It’s as if all of the sound in the room is just dull background noise, as the clock’s hands move continuously towards freedom. One more minute and it will be over.

We all hate this place. So I know everyone will be quick to leave. Coach Scott runs a hand through his disheveled blonde locks, creating a rugged look that’s complemented by the stubble growing along his jaw and chin.

I imagine what it would feel like to have his stubble skim my pussy gently. How soft the strokes of his tongue would be against my sensitive flesh. The farther I delve into my own fantasies, I forget the time, and once the familiar beeping signaling the end of the day erupts, I’m startled.

Half the class is out of the room before I have time to blink, but Coach Scott strays behind. Most likely waiting for me, but playing the role of respectful, strict teacher and making sure those with rackets put them away. I pretend to tie my shoe, only rising as the last person, besides the Coach and I, exits the room.

The gymnasium is vast, and he appears miles away from me as I cross the floor to him. His expression has changed. His eyes are darker, more in control. He clenches his fists and his expression is determined.

“Welcome to fucking detention,” he growls right as he steps in front of me, and he scoops me up in his arms. I instinctively wrap my legs around his waist, grinding my crotch against the bulge in his sweats.

I’m soaked through my shorts by just the sight of him. The feel of his arousal pressed against me incites a whole other feeling of ecstasy as I stumble to slip my hand in his pants. He staggers backwards until my back is pressed against the wall and there’s enough support to free his cock from his sweats.

His hands are rough in between my legs, yanking my shorts to the side, before I feel his stiff cock against the folds of my pussy. He thrusts and groans as his dick is coated with my wetness.

I’m an animal. I dig my fingers in his shoulders, while I slide my pussy against him, before the head nudges my entrance.

“You wanna’ ride my cock, you little fucking whore?” he growls.

“Fuck yes,” I mew like a kitten, before he’s buried inside of me.

“Ah,” I cry out as my body is filled with pleasure. His cock stretches me perfectly, massaging my pussy into obedience. I clench my pussy around his cock, trying to savor how full I feel, and the prickling sensation dotting my skin as my orgasm builds.

“Such a tight little pussy,” he groans, before capturing my lips with his. His breath is thick with the taste of something sweet. Soda perhaps. His tongue slips into my mouth and both our tongues dance together, massaging gently while capturing the ragged breaths of one another.

“This is so fucking amazing,” I squeal as he holds my hips firmly and moves me up and down his cock furiously. The slapping noises of him thrusting against me echo in the massive room. He dips his head low to capture my nipple into his mouth, wetting my tank-top that covers them.

“Don’t you dare fucking stop. Give it to me. Just like that,” I urge him, as my orgasm nears. His cock is so good, I’m howling wildly, and it’s like we’ve forgotten we are in school. I’ve forgotten he’s my teacher, because having his cock inside of me gives me amnesia and all I seem to know is it feels so fucking right, so I hang on for dear life.

His face lies between the crook of my neck as his pace quickens and his thrusts are sporadic, followed by loud grunts.

“Want your student to come on your cock?” My breath is a hoarse whisper.

“Fuck yes. Come on me,” he breathes. “Pussy so fucking good. Shit.” He places a hot kiss along the base of my throat. The friction of his thrusts causes my shorts to place pressure on my clitoris. I know it’s inevitable. I’m going to come, and it’s the most relaxing realization.

“Shit, I’m coming,” I whine as I explode into nothing but sensation on top of him. My pussy has his cock in a vise grip as I come. I become even more moist if possible as I float into a realm of sensitive flesh and serenity.

Coach Scott sets me down, and I straighten my clothes.

“You’ve got the A. You pass, just holy shit,” he mumbles as he slips his cock back into his sweats and presses his hand to his forehead.

“Finally.” I roll my eyes. It's about damn time.

4. Home from College: Part One

Lena’s door is cracked open and a buzzing noise emanates from her room. The lamp on her night stand illuminates just a corner of the room, as I peak my head through the partially open door. Upon first glance, my cock twitches in my sweats, coming to life at the sight of my step-daughter plunging a vibrating, pink cock into her pussy.

Her legs are spread wide open. Her panties are pulled off to the side of her thigh, and her tits are bare, shaking as she pumps her hips against the dildo. What the fuck am I doing? I step back for a second, trying to clear my head and push the thought of replacing the dildo with my own cock. She’s your step-daughter Wyatt!

My cock doesn’t seem to care. Her soft moans make me harder, and step forward to peak in her room again. The floor creaks, and I still. Lena’s eyes open cautiously, and her hand stills. Her chest heaves up and down.

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