Last Dance For Love

Farah Graham has been cheating fate. For some reason, she actually believed she can have the love of her life and the dancing career she always dreamed of that gave her the roaring applause of many all around the world. With that fame comes her face everywhere. When a past love unexpectedly shows up at one of her dances, Farah is forced to relive the life she has tried to escape.

Morris, wants Farah to settle down and finally start their family. An elite businessmen, Morris is obsessed with getting Farah barefoot and pregnant. They’ve been married for ten years, and he’s determined for their family to grow in size.

A fiery argument ensues, and the secrets Farah has been trying to keep spills forth to make an explosive boom shell. Can Morris forgive her deceit? Will the revelation of the cold hearted, bitch his wife actually is create an unforgivable rift in their marriage?