Driftwood; The Runner

"Woman, do you have any idea what I could fuckin do to you? To your body? A man like me, Millie... I could really hurt you."

She didn't even cower at my coarseness. "Then do it, Rylan," she antagonized, with her Southern accent. "You don't scare me."

"Why, Millie?"

"Because I want it," she whispered. "I just want to know what it feels like."

I looked into her perfect brown orbs. What a sweet innocent creature. How can she ask me to take away what is most precious to her? I sat her back down on her feet. "We can't have everything we want, Princess Millie."

Angel looked up at me while folding her arms and pouting. "I can, actually."

Thirty-eight year old drifter, Rylan McKellan, is in the small town of Andersville, Alabama, looking for work. When his truck breaks down on a desolate rode, he meets a young woman that makes him question his carefree lifestyle.

Millie Rose is the town recluse and resides in the last standing plantation home of old Andersville. Exactly what is it about Rylan that makes Millie want to leave the comfort of her home?