Falling For An Alpha Billionaire

Janelle has position, money and a dominating attitude. She has everything a woman could want...except love. Falling in love had brought her nothing but hurt, scars, and a broken heart. She wasn't interested in love.

Unfortunately, her father, Cliffton Baxter, did not agree with her choice to live her life on her own terms and chose to interfere. When she meets Edwin, she is reluctant to let go and be wooed by his charm and good looks. However, she soon finds that some things even her stubborn attitude and cool demeanor cannot combat.

Edwin is the ultimate Alpha Billionaire. He has the looks, the connections, the money and the reputation of being able to get whatever woman he set out to claim. He was just the one to overcome Janelle's defense and aversion to being loved, according to Mr. Baxter. And if he's lucky, Edwin would be an even richer man if he accomplishes his mission to win her heart.

Edwin takes on the challenge, thinking that it will be an easy way to increase his wealth and maybe provide him with some entertainment in the process. Unfortunately, he greatly underestimated Janelle's allure and the power of love.