Chi Kung for Women's Reproductive Health (Beginners)

This 3 minute video teaches you how to use Chi Kung to imrpove Women's Reproductive health, hormonal balance, PMS issues and release stagnant energy thay may be blocked, causing toxin build up in the reproductive organs. This routine, led by Holistic Health expert Pushy kaur will help:

  • nourishes the female organs
  • improves the function of the kidneys, digestion and liver
  • increases circulation to the pelvic area
  • aids sexual health
  • settles the central nervous system
  • improves mental clarity and wellbeing
  • increases positive energy
  • balances hormones and emotions
  • eases menstrual pain and discomfort
  • aids menopause symptoms
  • provides support for reproductive health and fertility
  • helps strengthen bladder control
  • releases physical tension in the muscles and soft tissue
  • hydrates the joints
  • builds connected strength in the muscles without impact
  • increases the function of all body systems from circulation, lymph to respiratory