Procreate Brushes & Color Palettes for Digital Graphic Recording

If you're looking to kick start your digital graphic recording/sketchnoting and want brushes and color palettes, this bundle is for you! I'm excited to share my custom brushes and color palettes for digital graphic recording in the app Procreate! Included in this bundle are my 4 custom brushes, all modeled after the following Neuland markers:
  • Big One: Great for Titles
  • No. One: What I Use for Text
  • Art Brush: This One's Great for Shading and Decorative Letteri
  • Bullet Nib: Also Love Using This One for Text
You'll also receive my top 3 color palettes for digital graphic recording (also modeled after my favorite Neuland marker color palettes).

There is a video included in the download that goes over how to import the brushes onto your iPad so make sure to check that out first!

*Please note, these brushes are intended for use with the app Procreate. At this time, this app is only compatible with the iPad (sorry Android users!).