Zion [ Book 4 ]

By Dan Bertran Griffey



Available eBook formats: epub & mobi (Kindle)




The Irish Sea rolls back on its own accord acknowledging the DNA that approaches from the floor of the Atlantic. Fulfilling a 2,500-year-old promise, Tea Tephi’s treasure house, which the sea has kept safe from tomb raiders, relinquishes the precious treasures of Zion that are now turned over to her son.
Monsters from the deep help Zion’s arrival from the sea, making its beachhead on the coast of the Holy Land. Gog’s world-conquering, multi-national force starts to sweat, and this is just the beginning of the Kingdom.

World War 3 is ending on Temple Mount with the Righteous Remnant of Judah at ground zero to witness it. The Second Moses calls forth a kingdom with its riches from the sea, and twelve ancient tribes answer the call worldwide as all creation rejoices. Led to the Valley of Jezreel, the sacrifice of the Lamb made two thousand years ago confirms the last covenant with two great houses; the house of Jacob and house of Israel, which unite as brothers.

Ezekiel’s temple is finally built, and an ancient king’s DNA sits upon the stone throne as the whole world confesses that the Lord, He is God, and not we ourselves.