Complete Lockdown Quiz 1

All the rounds you need for a Lockdown quiz over Zoom:

1.  A Tin of Sweets - each answer includes an item of confectionary
2. PICTURES - 10 pictures of children's characters to identify
3.  Double Dutch - each answer includes either word 'double' or the word 'Dutch'
4.  MUSIC - 10 songs from Disney films to identify
5.  Is It a Bird? - questions about comic book superheroes
6.  PICTURES - 10 pictures of people whose surname begins with Mc or Mac
7.  Blue - each answer includes blue or a shade of blue
8. MUSIC - 10 songs with a thoroughfare in each title, like a road or street
9.  Missing Link - questions with a link running through the answers
10.  PICTURES - Vice Versa - 10 pairs of pictures where the people shown have opposite names, like Roger Black and Jimmy White.