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The plugin wont show up in FCPX but my other plugins will?
They might be saved in the wrong folder. Some plugins work differently for example, the Smooth Transitions Layers are a Title plugin but create a Transition effect. Always check the prouct description to make sure what type of plugin it is and where it needs to be installed.

The red error screen shows?
This is probably because you need to update Final Cut Pro. Newer plugins will only work with FCP version 10.4.4 or above.

I havent recieved my dowload link?
Download links can take upto a few hours to be sent through. It may be in your spam/junk folder. If it hasnt shown up in a few hours then please contact [email protected]

Mirror effect before and after the effect/transition?
The plugins are only designed for standard aspect ratios like 1080x1920 etc. If you are using a widscreen project, the transitions wont work and a mirror image will appear on the sides. In the parameters there may be a 'Width' adjustment which will fix this. If not, the plugin is not compatible with widescreen projects.

The product does not work, i would like a refund?
As all products are downloadable, all sales have a no refund policy as stated in the terms. Please contact me and we can find a solution to your problem.