2020 Can Am X3 Front end assy with mesh

Includes Front bumper,   drv and pass control arms,  drv and pass spindles,  dummy ball joints for reference and assembly motion. 

Benefits of buying the complete assembly files are all mounting and pivot's are in the proper locations.    

If you are using Solidworks 2020,  you should be able to open and have a flexible assy with the mesh included (mesh file is very large, make sure in your sw settings under import-stl that you have import as a graphics body checked).    

If you are opening an .xt, .step,  or iges in an older version of Solidworks,  you will have to float the mates and re mate in your software as they will come in fixed.    If you want to have the mesh in your assembly,   create a new assembly and insert the parts,  but do not place the parts in the graphics window,  instead, simply select the component you want and click the green check mark and each component will snap to where it needs to be.

I can not assist in any other software package such as Fusion 360 or Inventor.


These models are highly accurate depictions of the factory components for use as building blocks to be able to design your new components from.     YOU are responsible for hole sizing,  spline shape, bearing bore press tolerances, etc.   We provide the hole center locations and that is it,  sizing is up to you.   

control arm spread is very close to factory.   Ball Joint sizing is for graphical representation only and is not meant to have any influence on your design.   Again,  proper pivot component design is up to you.

Thank you for purchasing from Rampage Manufacturing,   Alot of work has gone into building these models for you, the shop owners, the DIY enthusiasts and the creators that know they can make something better than what Can Am provided the general public.