Tactical Warmup Tutorial
Evasion Tutorial
Conditioning Tutorial
Tactics against back leg
Hidden Situation Tutorial
Changing Placement Tutorial
Corner Tutorial
Back Leg Tutorial
Middle Distance
Transition Point Tutorial
Wall2 Tutorial
KP&P Tutorial
Circuit Tutorial 2
Circuit Tutorial Part 1
Stab/Cut Kick Tactics
2nd Action /Combination
Speed Tutoral
Initiation Tutorial
Offline Tutorial
Forcing Penalty out of boundary Tutorial
Counter Exercise using Short to long Concept
Direct Tutorial
High Chamber Tutorial
Wall Kicking Tutorial
DaeDo Tutorial 2
Daedo1 Tutorial
Spin Tutorial
Manipulation Tutorial
Hook tutorial
Headshot Tutorial
Punch tutorial
stomach II
Stomach side tactics I
Stab tutorial II
Stab tutorial I
Pressure training Tutorial
Elastic training method II
Elastic training method I
Tactical tutorial
Co-ordination training method
Leg holds part 2
Leg holds part 1
Clash tutorial
Short to long tutorial
Floor tutorial
Land and kick tutorial
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