This download includes seven different contracts, including

Long Purchase sale agreement a short PSA, the very first step towards changing your financial freedom.

Amendment to contract,  once a contract has been executed incase any changes need to be made you will youse this document to amend the contract

  Teminate and Release Contract will be necceary to get your Earnest Money if and when your buyer breeches or an't preform.

, Affidavit of memorandum, which protects you in case a seller tries to go around you and sell to someone else while your under contract.

A Marketing Fee Agreement ensures you get paid for your connections or ensures your birddog gets paid  and Assignment Agreement  in case you want to assign the property and make a nice profit

Assignment contracts when you want to simply assign your contract and make an assignment fee

Operating agreement single member and multi member template you can use either one depending on wether you will be by yourself or operating with a team.

Coporate Resolution this document is to be used in case you cant make it to closing and  would like to appoint someone else to sign on behalf of the company