Yungborn - The Life & Times of Dr. Benedict Lust - A Memoir

Dr. Benedict Lust is largely considered the Father of Alternative Medicine but reletively little material is available regarding his life. Sure, there are the things that a simple Google search will produce, bu this book, not in circulation, is his memoirs put together by Anita Boyd Lust.


As far as we can tell, there is only one copy of this book anywhere. So we took the time to scan it and download it and edit the pages. We did this not to rip off anyone who may have written it or contributed to its pages but because we felt the world deserved to have these memoirs.


So, we are offering it for a donation of $10.50 so that anyone doing research or is interested can download for a nominal donation and the book wont be lost to history.


Thank you very much and we hope that you enjoy this treasure of a book. It comes in PDF format and is modestly offered.