The Historic Manning Avenue Cemetery - A History Book by Tom Riley

Most references point to the origin of the cemetery as being the burial ground of the Francisco (aka Sisco) Family. They owned the property where the oldest section of the cemetery is located and the oldest known burial, John R. Sisco, who died June 6, 1808, is located there.

A large area of open space indicates the location of many unmarked graves that might possibly predate 1808. Friends and relatives from the Mead, Mabey, Carman, Hennion, Poole, Gormley, and Westervelt families are buried there.

One source indicates that in 1817 a cemetery association under the leadership of Jacob Mead was formed in West Bloomingdale. In 1847, long before the town of Butler existed, a group of people got together, purchased the plot of land adjacent to the original cemetery, and expanded it to its present size. At that time, two areas commonly considered part of Bloomingdale were actually in Morris County. Riverdale was known as East Bloomingdale and Butler was known as West Bloomingdale.

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